Why can't I make a payment successfully?

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Please note that your credit card or Paypal settings must have USD settlement. Common payment errors are as follows:

1.Credit card payment failed, the code 80010: Transaction Do Not Honour is displayed

  • The buyer set a limit on the amount of online purchases, so the payment failed.
  • Please check your credit card and lift the overseas spending restrictions.

2.Credit card payment failed, the code 80090: Cannot Start 3D Authorized Service is displayed

  • Consumers have not turned on 3D verification services.
  • Don't be nervous about the first failure, you can try again or change a credit card.
  • For security, consumers need to contact the bank to verify your identity and confirm that it is your own consumption.

3.PayPal payment failed, we don’t support Paypal credit

  • Please choose to use PayPal account balance, bind debit card, credit card to pay.

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